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WW.com subdomains are all active

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The day before yesterday I offered free subdomains of ww.com for anybody that wanted one in this thread: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1796231

The response was quite overwhelming, which is why it took a while to extract the information from the post and create a suitable zone file.

All of them that came within the first 24 hours have been created now, they’ve been live since last night.

Somebody in the original thread already pointed out that these are not true subdomains because there is no delegation involved, but I hope it was clear that that was not the intention. I can’t see a way to do that without opening a potential can of worms so sorry if I led anybody astray there.

Please search out your entry below and check it. If the hostname is set to then that means that you did not give an IP and that I would still like to receive one from you, but there is no hurry. Whenever you’re ready :)

If your name has a ‘’ behind it that means I received an email from you to confirm your subdomain. If there is no ‘’ behind your name then please do send me that email! (contact info above)

If you requested a CNAME or a host record please note that you will probably still have to configure your webserver to accept the new name as an alias otherwise it will not work as expected.

Have fun, if you do something nice with let me know about it, and if you no longer wish to use it then tell me too so I can remove the entry. There are too many of them for me to look them all over on a regular basis so I’ll need some help with that.

If you asked for a redirect to a page (the entries prefixed with a ‘;’ below) then I’m afraid you’ll have to have some more patience.

w-w             IN      A            ; caution*
track           CNAME           www.track.com.          ; endtime*
mst             IN      A          ; terretta
build           CNAME           getsetweb.in.           ; saurabh 
aww             IN      A               ; zacharycohn*
;matt           [http://users.crhc.illinois.edu/johnso87/](http://users.crhc.illinois.edu/johnso87/) ; sparky*   
;lucasboppre    [http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~lucasboppre/](http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~lucasboppre/)    ; BopperH    
grid            IN      A               ; bullseye   
y               CNAME           news.ycombinator.com.   ; ihodes     
techbio         CNAME           techbio.org.            ; techbio*    
code            CNAME           quietcode.com.          ; cubicle67* 
nan             CNAME           nan.bitfreezer.com.     ; mutters*    
portman         CNAME           www.portmanwills.com.   ; portman    
kitten          CNAME           www.kittenlabs.com.     ; arien      
some1else       CNAME           s1e-ww.appspot.com.     ; some1else* 
exo             CNAME           sbstest.typenfind.com.  ; danielnicollet
george          CNAME           georgehuger.com.        ; qeorge        
pow             IN A           ; bosky101*      
startups        CNAME           www.startupsworthwatching.com.  ; jordanlyall*
psd             CNAME           PhotoshopLayerStyles.com.       ; chaosmachine*
box             CNAME           inhatbox.com.   ; mmorris*                     
rob             CNAME           robryancoding.com.      ; robryan*             
moc             IN A             ; sr3d                
tst             CNAME           www.tstw.co.uk.         ; sharpn*              
daw             CNAME           thesmartestpeopleever.com.      ; sofuture    
jasonmiller     CNAME           jasonmmiller.org.       ; aidenn0*            
mahmud          CNAME           mahmud.arablug.org.     ; mahmud*              
banks           CNAME           jeremybanks.com.        ; JeremyBanks*         
flashcards      CNAME           flashcarddb.com.        ; r7000               
zach            CNAME           ww.zbanks.net.          ; zbanks*              
alex            CNAME           alexanderkharlamov.com. ; zavulon             
salad           CNAME           whalesalad.com.         ; whalesalad          
bqb             CNAME           bitquabit.com.          ; gecko               
meme            CNAME           thememingoflife.com.    ; PaulJoslin          
brad            CNAME           bradlyfeeley.com.       ; bradly              
666             CNAME           leethaxor.boldlygoingnowhere.org.       ; w1ntermute*
nycme           CNAME           nyc.wizard-domains.com.                 ; wizard_2* 
penetration-testing     CNAME   www.mandalorian.com.                    ; iuguy     
brian           CNAME           briancloutier.com.                      ; num1*      
mark            CNAME           mark.nirv.net.                          ; mqt*      
baaa            CNAME           baaaww.rntz.net.                        ; rntz*     
steve           CNAME           stevemorin.com.                         ; SteveMorin*
4h              CNAME           www.fourhourworkweek.com.               ; hallmark  
yan             IN A                              ; yan       
w-ww            IN A                              ; yan       
blog            CNAME           yakkstr.com.                            ; jshen*   
phillco         CNAME           phillipcohen.net.                       ; phillco*   
bro             CNAME           bro.chrisbroadfoot.id.au.               ; chrisbroadfoot*
tea             CNAME           teaapp.com.                             ; siglesias     
games           CNAME           playitontheweb.com.                     ; pzxc          
michiel         CNAME           michielovertoom.com.                    ; Luyt*          
mmu             CNAME           mememeup.com.                           ; firebones*    
hnl             CNAME           hackernewsletter.com.                   ; duck*          
wrv             CNAME           www.waveridingvehicles.com.             ; drey          
gxs             CNAME           guillermosalazar.com.                   ; gxs*           
zoink           CNAME           zoink.com.                              ; dfield        
aph             CNAME           aph.erikd.org.                          ; aphistic*     
asif            IN A                                 ; tsycho*        
seo             CNAME           8020seo.com.                            ; tapp*          
dlp             CNAME           aperiodic.org.                          ; aperiodic     
pat             CNAME           pathikshah.com.                         ; pathik        
igor            IN A                             ; igorhvr       
zack            CNAME           hm.zackham.com.                         ; zackham*     
bcl             CNAME           neil.brianlane.com.                     ; bcl*           
sjs             IN A                              ; sjs*           
derf            CNAME           kyleconroy.com.                         ; Derferman*     
encrypt         CNAME           encryptica.com.                         ; _exec*         
max             IN A                            ; frisco*        
duncanspencer   CNAME           duncanspencer.com.                      ; dsspence*      
dot             CNAME           gerardpaapu.com.                        ; sharkbrainguy*
scotty          CNAME           www.scottyallen.com.                    ; scottyallen   
arek            IN A                           ; wildmXranat   
atp             CNAME           allthingsprogress.com.                  ; djacobs       
timf            CNAME           www.peakscale.com.                      ; timf*        
vie             CNAME           micheljansen.org.                       ; micheljansen* 
drew            CNAME           www.drewtaylor.com.                     ; ajtaylor      
greg            CNAME           g.electro-h.ca.                         ; nameless_noob* 
wwo             IN A                            ; stretchwithme
tam             IN A                             ; TamDenholm
currus          IN A                             ; amock*
vincent         IN A                              ; vincentpants
sokoloff        CNAME           www.sokoloff.com.                       ; sokoloff*
will            CNAME           ww.hamstersoup.com.                     ; hamstersoup*
symkat          CNAME           symkat.com.                             ; symkat*
mariana         CNAME           epiphany.net.ve.                                ; mariana
leifleif        CNAME           leifwalsh.com.                          ; leif
pshc            CNAME           paulcollier.ca.                         ; pshc*
audio           CNAME           benbloomberg.com.                       ; bbloomberg
235             CNAME           235nuclear.com.                         ; jmatt*
gee             IN A                               ; modsearch*
timeline        CNAME           www.timeline-x.com.                     ; chegra*
careers         CNAME           caree.rs.                               ; karthikm
nic             IN A                             ; olalonde
jed             CNAME           doig.me.                                ; JED3*
belize          IN A                                 ; rasiel
programbler     CNAME           blog.sthrs.me.                          ; sthrs
benjoffe        CNAME           www.benjoffe.com.                       ; benjoffe
resume          CNAME           resu.me.                                ; karthikm
wwww            CNAME           m70.no.                                 ; lovskogen
blntechie       CNAME           blntechie.wordpress.com.                ; blntechie
mma             CNAME           www.fighter.pro.                        ; beaker*
vipper          CNAME           gilslotd.com.                           ; lordgilman*
yhager          CNAME           yhager.com.                             ; yhager
app             CNAME           appoftheday.com.                        ; jsatok*
nyc             CNAME           nyc.sewell.ch.                          ; silas*
geo             CNAME           geo.david.cx.                           ; david_p*
hosting         CNAME           hostingreborn.com.                      ; webignition*
com             CNAME           breitkreuz.me.                          ; aristidb*
hive            CNAME           hivearchive.com.                        ; influx
hirc            IN A                            ; Macha*
the             CNAME           w-ll.org.                               ; w-ll
world           CNAME           zac.gorak.us.                           ; twodayslate
net             IN A                            ; dpavlenkov
dan             CNAME           danieljackoway.com.                     ; jackowayed
frank           CNAME           theharpers.biz.                         ; fharper1961
uppi            IN A                            ; ozansener
levy            IN A                                 ; quizbiz

Feedback or questions: jacques@mattheij.com or http://twitter.com/jmattheij