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Twitters new and blazingly fast interface

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been frustrated by twitters new interface. At least up to some date you had the choice to stick to the old interface. In their infinite wisdom twitter made everybody that still used the old interface switch to the new one by force. Hint: if people stick to your old interface rather than to migrate to the new and shiny one then they probably have their reasons. Forcing them is not going to make them happy.

The new interface is so slow as to be essentially unusable, which was my main reason for sticking to the old interface. If you make an ‘upgrade’ make sure it is an upgrade on all fronts, not just more eyecandy and unusable in every other respect.

Fortunately though, twitter has a ‘new’ interface for people that don’t care about pages that take several minutes to load.

Simple, clean, fast, no botched urls, time-outs or bugs. Just the essentials, no more no less.

The address of this new interface is a closely kept secret, but now that the word is out I’m sure that people will flock to it in droves.


Bye bye #newtwitter, hello mobile, 0 eye candy, pure functionality. And yes, it works on your normal computer too, just try it!