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Italian comedienne prosecuted for insulting the pope

These things get me hopping mad.

Italian comedienne Sabina Guzzanti is being prosecuted by the Italian government because she insulted the pope.

Regardless of the specifics of the case let’s try to see what this is all about.

In Europe there still exist two classes of people, ordinary folks and the ‘betters’, such as the pope and the remnants of royalty.

These ‘superior’ beings enjoy protections from the law that are not afforded to ordinary mortals. In laid back Holland for instance it is still a punishable offense to insult her majesty the queen. Other European monarchies have similar statues on the books.

And that in an age when being elevated by birth really is known to be a pile of steaming shit. It really gets me mad to know that there are people that can literally get away with crimes because they are of a different ‘caste’. At least in India they’re open about it, here everything gets classified. And both the Church (especially the RC branch) and the various royal houses in Europe have a fair number of skeletons in their cupboard. This includes, but is not limited to: child molestation (clearly I’m thinking of the church here), taking bribes, various other crimes, cowardice in times of war and so on. And yet these people are ‘better’ than the rest of us.

Are we really that addicted to the fairy tales that we need to afford these people special protection ? I think not.

The RC church is one of the richest institutions in the world, the various European royal houses are not exactly lacking for their rent money either. The civil servants (overzealous idiots that they are) that are willing to implement these laws should think a little longer and harder about who they are serving with this class justice system.

So, fuck you Beatrix, and the horse that you stole from the rest of us, your title is worth less to me than the pride of a single mom that manages to raise her kid, and fuck you too, Pope Benedict XVI, ruler of the order of child molesters. If either of you - or the rest of these so-called royals and rulers- had a sense of decency in your bodies you’d abdicate in a heartbeat and apologise heartfelt for all the crimes that have been performed by you directly or in name.

I’m not a believer, but may you burn in hell…

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