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Cheap bandwidth and server capacity, HN special.

Hey there HN’ers,

After my post a while ago about what I pay for bandwidth I got a bunch of inquiries who my hosting party is.

I’ve asked them if I can go public with the numbers, the answer is yes, so here is the deal that I’m getting with all the figures and specs of the machine. Note that this is not the same as the offer on their website, it is substantially better, both in payment terms as well as in the monthly fee. This works out to about E 1.45 / Mbit / month with a machine that has 36T local storage included. The catch is that you really need to be a bandwidth hog to make it worth your while, if you are only going to use a couple of Mbit then you’re better off with something smaller. This is a ‘clean’ deal there is no kickback to me behind the scenes or other shady practices like that.

Chenbro RM524

1x Quad Core Xeon L5410


24x 1500GB SATA II HD

HW RAID controller

1Gbps (Volume) Unmetered Bandwidth (‘flat rate’)

1000Mbps (GE) uplink port

Remote Power Management Port

2x IP

SLA: Self-managed


The price: Eur 1449,00 /month

  • Eur 50,00 setup fee.


Contract term: 1 months

Billing cycle: 1 months in advance

Offer expires after: 1 business day

Estimated setup time: 5-7 business days and subject to availability

Prices are ex 19% VAT

If you’re interested in this deal then contact Robin Lim at leaseweb.com, his email address is r.lim@leaseweb.com

And if you know of places that can beat these specs and prices then by all means please let me know.