Jacques Mattheij

Technology, Coding and Business

More Buckets

More buckets is a way of saying that you could do the same thing in parallel. Some interpret this as ‘more websites’, which could be of a different sort. Others read it as affiliates, multiple people that are all carrying water from the sea. Which ever interpretation you give to it, the idea is that by doing things in parallel, you can increase the total turnover in a given amount of time.

Each of those strategies has a fairly serious commitment in time associated to it, less than running a single site, but still, it adds up. Actively soliciting affiliates, figuring out which ones are good (and legit!) and which ones are trying to take you for a ride is hard work. White labeling a website to be able to run it under different names targeted towards slight variations on a theme is work as well (but not as much as the first).

I think white labels and such are a good strategy once you have the feeling that your competition is gaining on you, and/or if your main website is losing steam. Until then, focusing on a single site is usually more effective.

Another option is to simply run a completely different website next to your current one, one that is not even related in subject matter. This strategy will also help to protect you in the longer term because your eggs will be spread across multiple baskets.