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Dutch Judge rules mentioning filenames in usenet postings on website is illegal

A dutch judge has just made it illegal to mention the filename of an upload to usenet, ruling that this is a violation of copyright law.

The article on the popular dutch tech site tweakers (in dutch!) quotes technology lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet, who assisted FTD (the defendant) as completely stunned:

“Talking about unauthorized media files, or even publishing the links to those files is not a violation of copyright, this has been confirmed in every lawsuit in the last 6 years. This ruling contradicts that.”

FTD will appeal the case at the court in The Hague. The short-order procedure will be held next week on wednesday at the dame court. In the meantime FTD has removed the ‘spots’ which mention the filenames from their site, the penalty of not doing so would have been 10,000 euro per day.