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Prior art for Apple's 'interactive search' patent

Apple is suing Samsung and has successfully obtained an injunction because of a novel interpretation of the term ‘irrepairable harm’.

Tough luck for Samsung it seems. Apple had their patent filed December 1, 2004.

At the time for almost 13 years I had a program out there with a bunch of customers that they used to search their own internal documents collected in chunks of data called ‘books’.

The reader for MS-DOS, titled book.exe was created using a C compiler from a piece of source code called ‘book.c’, which clearly documents the way this instantaneous seach worked.

I think that it could be used to invalidate Apple’s patent, but I’m not a patent attorney so maybe someone who is could take a look at it.

Here is the source code to the non-library chunk of the code:


It clearly details how the interaction with the user worked based on the various keystrokes the user performs.

Apologies for the atrocious formatting but I didn’t want to make any modifications to the text so that its checksum would match the backup files, the editor used to create it is long deceased.