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Pay it forward, HN style

The last couple of weeks there has been this amazing development on HN, where people are offering goods, services and lodging completely for free!

Typically the header will be “Offer HN: [something]”

The whole thing reminds me of the movie pay it forward (if you haven’t seen then please go and do so).

Because threads on HN tend to disappear just as fast or faster as they come I’ve decided to put them all together here so they’re easy to find in the future.

If you know of one I missed or if you are going to post an ‘Offer HN:’ please mail me jacques@modularcompany.com

I am very very curious what all this is going to lead to, I think it is one of the first times that we can conclusively say ‘Yes, HN is changing’, and changing for the better, the community is visibly knitting closer because of all these offers. I still haven’t figured out what my contribution is going to be but hopefully the coin will drop one of these days.