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my newest computer

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Hello there. Today is my birthday, and like any self-respecting nerd the best birthday present you could give to me is a ‘geek toy’. Tablets are all the rage, but I just received something better than that. It runs Unix, it runs indefinitely on a single charge, it works in bright daylight and as far as I can see it functions in spite of subtle bugs in the code.

An Ipad-2 or an Android tablet couldn’t hold a candle to it!

Let me introduce you to the bdc-1:

As you can see great effort has gone in to making the design ergonomic, and because with advancing age you can’t be too sure of the functioning of the brain of the recipient the instructions have been spelled out in plain English. The keyboard has a special sequential input facility in case Alzheimers’ strikes early (I am 46 as of today, you never know).

After following the instructions to the letter it was revealed that the inner power of this little machine is something awesome, an improved version of the PHP language that will be out for release an day now.

Note the attention to the display unit, and how well it functions even in bright light. I haven’t had to recharge it since switching it on, I’m sure there is a patent or two in there.

Thanks Mishu!