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mushrooms and couriers

After Eckart Wintzen died I received an invitation to go to the ceremony, and since Eckart in spite of having known then man only for a very short period before he passed away has probably had more influence on me than anybody else in a long long time I went there, in a pretty dark mood.

The speeches were long (15 speakers in all) and at times very emotional. In true Eckart fashion we all received a handkerchief to take care of that. After several hours of listening and being on an emotional roller coaster going up and having tears of laughter to tears of sadness this young lady mounted the stage, enter Nicolette Mak.

It was as if the sun had come up, what a power. Turning the whole gathering upside down she managed to single handedly lift the mood from one of despair to one of inspiration, with an energy that left me - and if you know me a bit better you know how rare that is - speechless.

Afterwards I spent some time using google to figure out who she is and what she’s done, and after reading http://www.goodblog.nl/2008/04/eckart.html this I decided to tell her my experiences with Eckart and the profound impact he had on me.

After some emails back and forth we met on the beach and talked about anything and everything, which led to me seeing how she’s doing what she can to improve the world of those around her. Florence Nightingale in a modern package.

I’ve decided to give her a hand in achieving her dreams, I have no idea how useful I can be to her but we’ll see. Whatever will happens it will certainly be interesting and educational.

For starters she is setting up a mushroom growery in Romenia: http://www.goodblog.nl/2008/06/roemenie.html

To be staffed by people with (as she euphemistically puts it) people with ‘difficult bodies’.

She already runs a courier service on the same basis and is wildly successful with it.

To be continued !