Jacques Mattheij

Technology, Coding and Business

available jobs, March

I have received a number of requests to find people for IT companies, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. If you’re interested in any of these let me know and I will put you in touch with the company.

Job 1, Location: Amsterdam, Position: CTO/VP of Engineering, mobile cloud gaming network

Job 2, Location: Cyprus, Position: Ruby Developer, gaming

Job 3, Location: Amsterdam, Position: Java/Scala Developer, online travel company (4 positions)

Job 4, Location: Amsterdam, Position: Ruby/Javascript Developer, online travel company (3 positions)

Job 5, Location: Hilversum, Position: tester, PHP & selenium, online video network

Job 6, Location: Uitgeest, Position: PHP developer, ecommerce

Job 7, Location: Uitgeest, Position: Project Manager, ecommerce

Recruiters: please do not contact me because of this posting.

If you fancy any of these please contact me, jacques@mattheij.com, full disclosure, some of these companies I have personal experience with, some not, in no way am I going to make money of referring you, directly or indirectly this is just a ‘community service’.