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idea dump, December edition

I’m continuing the numbering system from the previous thread.

  • (63) Chattical

    A forum that is based on chat rather than posts, where the conversation happens in real-time.

    Someone posts a subject, which can be voted on as usual, but the page with the subject then becomes a chatroom where the original poster is the moderator. When the moderator steps out for more than an X amount of time the conversation is closed and archived.

  • (64) ABtimize

    A cross between AB testing and genetical algorithms, you create chunks of a website that can be placed in the same location of a site and a series of variations, automatic AB testing will then take place to select the optimal combination and placement of elements. Each randomized test will then select the fittest sets from two independent runs, cross breed them with a mutation element and try again until no further improvement can be reached without the introduction of more material.

  • (65) Spammer-p

    Given all the bits and pieces of information around a blog-commenter figure out a score that indicates how likely the message is a spam message, triage to separate out the spam, unsure and ‘ok’ categories. The service could be implemented as a javascript tag that you place on blog pages with comments and it would edit the ‘on-page’ content.

  • (66) Unbrainwash

    A service akin to snopes which instead of myths takes the news and strips it off bias as much as possible leaving only the hard facts. This would help to document what is actually going on as opposed to the countless layers of interpretation that we have to deal with when reading the news.

  • (67) ClickApp

    A borland cbuilder like environment where you drag components on to a webpage which you then flesh out on the basis of events and properties all within the page. Save the page and it instantly works as a web-app, data sources etc are all components that are visible during ‘edit’ time but turn invisible as soon as the page is not viewed in ‘edit’ mode.

    All activity other than that provided by the IDE is hidden from the user, components can be ‘inspected’, copied and cloned for modification in order to make new ones.

  • (68) OffTopic

    A forum in which nothing is ever off topic because as soon as someone says ‘off topic’ that becomes a new branch on the tree, and a placeholder leaf in the original conversation from which it stemmed.

  • (69) The Never Ending Story

    Someone writes the first page of a story. Users can then come and take that first page and add a second one, and at each page-end subsequent users can then again give the story new direction.

    Pages can be voted on and the first lines of all the alternative next pages will be given as links at the bottom of the preceding one in descending order of the number of votes they received.

    Obvious alternatives using lines, paragraphs, chapters.

  • (70) RealRep

    A system where you create an online biography and a public key that you can use to sign your profiles elsewhere. The RealRep organization would verify your identity once, give you a spot to create your biography and give you your signing key. You could then create individual hashes for every site that you wish to use using your real name combined with the name of the site.

    This would make it considerably harder for impostors to pretend to be someone else.

    Other holders of RealRep ids would be able to comment on the veracity of the claims made in the biography. RealRep owners could substantiate their biographies using citations and supporting documents.