Jacques Mattheij

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Everybody knows what an invoice should look like. Or do they ? On the off chance that you don’t know, here is what goes in to a typical invoice:

  • your name, address and contact information, logo if you have one
  • the customers name, purchase order number if any, and address, if known contact person
  • the date the invoice is sent
  • line items containing: count, description (can be extended over the next lines), unit price, total price
  • a sub total with all the line item total prices added up
  • any discounts that apply
  • the applicable taxes over the total
  • the grand total
  • payment terms (such as 'payable within 7 days)
  • payment information, such as your bank account number, international routing information and your bank branch id
  • optional in some places, required in others, tax id, chambers of commerce registration id

When an invoice is sent, make a todo item to verify that it actually got paid. If not (it happens, unfortunately) check under ‘payments’.