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About This Website

Hi there! As you’ve probably gathered from the URL, my name is Jacques Mattheij.

Born in 1965, just in time for the PC revolution to get underway, I’ve been playing with technology since I was old enough to hold a screwdriver (my dad gave me an old typewriter to demolish, I don’t think he foresaw that his would be next).

First it was mechanical stuff, then electrical, then electronics, and pretty soon thereafter software. I’m a life-long tinkerer, love technology very much, and try to understand ‘what’s in the box’ as much as that is possible. From vacuum tubes to VLSI, and everything in between.

My main occupations are being owner/operator of ww.com, which pioneered streaming webcam technology, and working as a consultant to do technical due diligence. That is M&A jargon for the job of verifying that what a company says it sells and owns is actually true, and that it’s all put together in a sound way to limit the risk investors and buyers are exposed to. I do this work for several renowned Venture Capital firms in Europe, and it’s the most exciting and interesting work I’ve ever done.

Besides all that, I like to write, and these pages are my way to share my writings with the rest of the world.

If you feel like commenting, my e-mail address is ‘jacques@modularcompany.com’ and you’re more than welcome to drop me a line to discuss anything that’s written here.

If you’re into technology, specifically hacking computers and/or playing the start-up lottery, make sure you check out Hacker News, a forum unlike any other.